Institutional Investors and Family Offices

PMW has extensive experience representing institutional investors and family offices as they pursue investment opportunities in all types of private funds. We are ideally positioned to do this work due to our frequent role as investment fund counsel, since we know the right questions to ask and understand the nuanced and sophisticated issues to be considered in conducting comprehensive diligence reviews.

We also advise and represent clients with respect to the transfer of private fund investments and the various ways to enhance investment terms and protections beyond simple passive investments, whether that means crafting an appropriate side letter or developing a more structured form of investment that incorporates additional controls. We also frequently advise institutional investors and family offices with respect to seeding arrangements of all kinds, exploring all the various options for deal structuring and then negotiating appropriate deal documentation. Our broad market insight works directly to the advantage of institutional investors and family offices looking for the most favorable terms on their investment.

In recent years, as institutional investors have become increasingly sophisticated in their approach to market hedging, we have also begun helping them establish their own internal trading operations.

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  • Review investment documentation, including offering memoranda, limited partnership agreements and subscription agreements
  • Advise regarding potential investment risks and considerations
  • Conduct due diligence on private funds and investment managers
  • Negotiate side letters for private fund investments
  • Advise investors on seeding relationships and negotiate seeding agreements
  • Assist with transfers between investors in various alternative investment funds