The PMW Story

We are a boutique law firm with a strong sense of identity and mission. We represent investment funds, institutional investors and family offices, serving as a one-stop shop that offers comprehensive solutions to our clients’ legal needs.

Unlike other law firms with a sophisticated financial practice, we do not represent commercial banks, investment banks or other financial intermediaries or institutions.

We understand that multi-billion dollar and multi-strategy investment funds often start from modest beginnings – a little seed capital, a core team with a few good ideas, and a commitment to excellence. Over the years we have helped launch hundreds of such funds across many jurisdictions in North America, Asia and Europe. We help our clients form their management companies. We help them during the capital raising process. We help them deploy the capital they raise. We help them negotiate with lenders and other credit providers so they can enhance their returns with leverage. We help them dispose of investments. At every stage in an investment fund’s life cycle, we are there to guide investment managers and their principals through an increasingly complicated legal and regulatory landscape. Our goal is to serve as a trusted advisor from a client’s inception and to continue doing so, in a variety of critical ways, as it develops its team and grows its business.

In a sense, our firm has followed a similar trajectory. We launched in 2000 and over the next few years, our three name partners – Nick Purrington, David Moody and Tess Weil – joined together, each bringing distinctive talents and experience, and each with an answer for a different part of the puzzle. Our goal throughout has been to build a specialized practice that addresses the full range of legal issues faced by sophisticated investors and investment managers as they operate across today’s global financial markets.

Our firm culture is and remains well matched to the clients we serve. We are entrepreneurial in spirit. We avoid rigid hierarchies and redundant layers of staffing. We operate leanly and take a very hands-on approach to our work. And like our investment fund clients, we think it is important for our firm to have a clear strategy about how best to build long-term value. For us the strategy is quite simple: the growth and financial strength of our clients is the essential foundation of our own success.